This series, ‘Seijakusei’, epitomizes my experience as a foreigner in Tokyo and is inspired by the highly complex and intriguing Japanese culture.

In the Japanese culture, there seems to be a split in personalities. The refined and cultivated identity, visible from the outside, differs significantly from the one displayed in the private arena. The perfectionistic society barely reveals its true self in daily life.

’Seijakusei’ is the Japanese word for vulnerability and is an outward expression of a hidden and somewhat uncomfortable but immensely raw sensitivity that arises when one is able to let their guard down. Exposing oneself becomes a means of self expression.

On a hot and humid day in Tokyo, four women from four different continents unified with the purpose of creation. With vulnerability as the main theme, we spoke about what it means for us to let our guards down, what we fear exposing to the outside world and about the differences between physical and emotional exposure.

Topics of racism, body positivity, judging other women and self-acceptance arose. This day was immensely empowering as we all gave each other space. Even if we could not understand, we listened, learned and loved.