a n o u k b r o u w e r


WOMANHOOD - August 2020


Editorial: Alter Ego - July 2020

"Artist and photographer Anouk Brouwer shoots an incredible story inspired by the streets of Tokyo and the complex and fascinating Japanese culture. In this editorial, Anouk challenges gender norms and its unwritten rules of self-expression and self-acceptance. Styled by Yuki Yoshida. Hair & make-up by Mayuko Okada. Model Hyo Kagou.


THE QUEST - July 2020

"This series, ‘The Quest’, expresses curiosity and illustrates the importance of questions. This story focuses on the following of ones instinct and the many emotions that can arise when we start questioning ourselves, all visible through the human body.
Coming to Japan by myself during times of a global pandemic was an experience fueled by questioning myself constantly; an experience I captured through the lens."


Solitude - July 2020

Sticks & Stones Mothership

Anouk Brouwer Seijakusei - June 2020

Netherland photographer Anouk Brouwer & her team meet up on a hot & humid day in Tokyo – four women from four different continents unified with the purpose of creation.

“With vulnerability as the main theme, we spoke about what it means for us to let our guards down, what we fear exposing to the outside world & about the differences between physical & emotional exposure. Topics of racism, body positivity, judging other women & self-acceptance arose. This day was immensely empowering as we all gave each other space. Even if we could not understand, we listened, learned & loved.”

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Interview with Filmmaker Anouk Brouwer - April 2020

"With this film I wanted to express my love for body motion and the different messages our instrument can send across. I wanted to visualise the power of the way we move our body in this complicated world. The moving body offers an unrelenting dialogue.

Overall, I wanted to express that without words, we can communicate everything. I am always focused on discovering innovative ways to look at the world around me, and I see that we, as the human race, tend to focus on what differentiates us from each other. I believe that body language can bring us back together."


Meet The 2019-20 Participating Filmmakers - January 2020

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

Director Biography - December 2019

"Anouk Brouwer is a conceptual filmmaker at the start of her career as a director, seeking to create visual artworks with maximum abstraction, triggering the imagination of the viewer; a permanent quest to leave Earth as it is and reconnect with one’s true inner fantasy."


The Best Creative Concept - November 2019

Retrospective of Jupiter

Body Language by Anouk Brouwer - October 2019

"The experimental short film consists of three sceneries, in which the protagonist finds herself in three different environments, ultimately affecting the manner in which she moves her body."