With a background in theater and the arts, Anouk Brouwer (1993, The Netherlands) is consistently looking for soulful ways of self-expression. Her degrees in acting and fashion (The New York Film Academy, The Amsterdam Fashion Institute & Ryerson School of Fashion) have contributed to her instinctively connecting personal behaviour with performance, visual culture and artistry. 

She continuously investigates human culture and behavior within the postmodern era, with a persistent and curious hunger to look for ways of seeing with different sets of eyes. Her work always subjectively questions visual expression within the realm of the current timespirit. Her biggest inspiration sources are literature, philosophy, anthropology, the human body and her own committed craving towards the unexplored. 

Anouk Brouwer is a conceptual artist with a gift for expression seeking to tell visual stories, triggering the imagination of the viewer and inspiring people to shape an unparalleled individual opinion.

Currently working and living in Tokyo, Japan.

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