body language

The earth is an atom whirling in the universe, on which 8 billion people live, interact and communicate with each other. Language enables us to express our thoughts and to establish connections with others, hence the creation of thousands of languages that have the capability to unite human beings, yet verbal language also segregates into groups.

We have divided ourselves through caste, culture, country and verbal language. Nevertheless, human creatures possess one homogeneous vocabulary. A language without words that we know how to operate before we speak. In this system of communication, the body serves as the human instrument and movement becomes an unrelenting dialogue. 

Body language includes all the manners in which we move our body, epitomizing an outward expression of our inner monologue, directly resonating with our core. Every movement made becomes an embodiment of our emotional intentions, synchronizing the body, the soul and the spirit. 

In this film, an innovative way of speaking is presented. A state-of-the-art vocabulary, illustrating how movement is all-revealing. 

The philosophical fashion short film consists of three sceneries, in which the protagonist finds herself in three different environments, ultimately affecting the manner in which she moves her body. 

The three different settings are a metaphor for fashion brands, each embodying different values and objectives, changing the body language of the protagonist. 

Basic movements such as posing and walking are extended and expanded into exploratory dance movements. 


Written, Directed and Produced by
Anouk Brouwer

Director of Photography
Zeeger Verschuren

Steadicam Operator
Julian Lomaga

Katja van den Broeke

Best Boy
Sophia Schut

1st AC
Rohwel de Rot

2nd AC
Patrick Rietvelt

3rd AC
Mark Verhees

Hair and Make-Up
Stefano Carulli

Alex Pieterse

Music Composition
Marnix Vinkenborg

Sound Design
Marnix Vinkenborg

Ruben Labree

Art Direction
Anouk Brouwer
Philippine Greeve

Production Assistants
Neža Bricelj
Sascha Bunge
Demi Wilkes

Judith van Vuuren

Special thanks to
Camera Rentals